Cate  McAlister

Certified  Feng Shui Red Ribbon Professional and  Reiki  Master

Hello, my name is Cate and through my extensive education and training in

Feng Shui and Reiki, let me show you how to bring clarity, flow and focus to your

daily living.

Feng Shui’s origins can be traced back some 6000 years, now it is practiced all over the world and is used to create a positive flow of energy in all aspects of life

Being trained in many different methods,


including Form and Compass school, Western, Flying Star and Black Hat, I will provide you with clear and concise information to create good energy in a modern exciting way.

Primarily, I use the powerful Flying Star energy. After mapping your space using a compass, I am able to determine where each Flying Star moving energy is and which family member is affected.


You will not be asked to move furniture or paint any walls, as I can educate you on how colours, shapes and your belongings are used to balance each room, thereby activating this very potent energy. 

Are the stresses of everyday living weighing on you?Or are you just feeling ‘stuck’. Would you like to have more money left at the end of the month rather than more month left at the end of the money.​ Perhaps you are thinking of starting a family or contemplating of a career change.


By tapping in the power of Feng Shui and its Flying Star energy,

I will provide you with easy to follow solutions that will balance your space and get that positive energy flowing in and around you.


Based on your birth date, I will run a report that outlines your element and animal and many interesting

facts that you can add into your day, easily.

As a Reiki Master,  I use the power of the universe to boost each area and has the added benefit of sealing each star enhancing peace and harmony for everyday living.