Feng Shui Packages

Feng Shui is a living energy. It’s scientific, mathematical and logical – with an element of magic
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Basic Feng Shui Consultation


  • Personal reports for family members (up to 4)

  • Feng Shui Map

  • Flying Star Map and Report

  • Basic Feng Shui Tips

  • Element Chart

  • Annual Salt Cure Information

  • Instructions for Charging Feng Shui Items

2.5 hours on site - $250.00

Full Feng Shui Consultation


  • Includes Basic Feng Shui Package plus:

  • Placement Service

  • Personal Flying Star Location Report

  • Monthly Flying Star Location Report

4 hours on site - $400.00

Mini Feng Shui Consultation
  • Personal Min Gua (up to 2)

  • Feng Shui Map

  • Annual Flying Star Map

  • Annual Salt Cure Information

1.5 hour on site - $150.00
Full Annual Update Consultation
  • Annual Flying Star Report

  • Placement Service

  • Basic Space Clearing

  • Monthly Star Report

1 hour on site - $100.00
Feng Shui Space Clearing
  • Use of a Tibetan Bell to clear energies in the home to raise the vibration

30 minutes - 1 hour on site - $100.00

Feng Shui Add ons


Annual Flying Star Report

  • Identifying yearly affliction/good luck stars and how to neutralize/enhance them

  • Current Flying Star Map

  • Annual Salt Cure directions

  • Information for Charging Feng Shui Items

via email - $25.00



Monthly Flying Star Report

Information and advice about the monthly Star energy and how it affects each life area

(via email - $25.00)

Remote/Distant consultations are available via Skype for all services

Travel is $0.50 per km beyond 25km base of Brampton, ON